Super Sites for Students
Here are some of our favorite Web sites.  If you find another that you like, email Miss S. a message and she'll think about adding it to the list.
Tricky math games are here along with the ancient mathematicians, Pythagoras and Hypatia.  Data Picking and FishTank are the best games for students in Grade 2.
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This page was last updated on: August 8, 2013
Parents it's a big ocean out there.  Please don't let your children surf alone.
Play Funbrain math and word games.
There are many great thinking games at this site:
Looking for a fun game to play?  Play "Granny Prix" or another exciting game at  You can even download printable flashcards.

Need a calculator?  Visit of course!
Visit the book's web site at

Email Miss S., if you need your name or password. The password is, most likely, your lunch number.