In April 2001, Miss S., Mrs. D'Orazio, Johanna the Scientist, and Dragonfly cruised from Miami, Florida to Cozumel, Mexico.

In Tulum, Mexico they visited the pyramids of the Myan Indians.  These structures were built between 900 - 1300 AD. That's almost 1100 years ago!  The largest buildings were created to protect the Myans from the Spanish explorers.

The lands in Tulum are dry and dusty.  But what is so interesting about this place is that it was built atop the cliffs that look over the Caribbean Sea.  The height of the cliffs was important to the Myans because it let them see out to the waters as the Spanish sailors arrived.

The Caribbean Sea is just north of the Equator.  The sun's rays heat the water to tempertures that feel like a comfortable bath.  The waters are much warmer than what we are used to at the New Jersey shore along the northern Atlantic Ocean.  The warm tempertures make the water appear clearer and cleaner than the beaches of Ocean City or Avalon, New Jersey.
Check out Miss. S, Mrs. D'Orazio, and Draggie in the cockpit of a jet!  After the plane landed in Miami, Florida, these lucky ducks were allowed to visit the control area. WOW!

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Look at the beautiful water.  Can you find the Caribbean Sea and Cozumel, Mexico on a map?
Miss S. and Dragonfly visited Tulum, Mexico to tour the ancient ruins of the Myans.  The climate of Tulum, Mexico is dry and hot.  How is that different from the climate of Warminster?
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Click the little picture to see the big picture!
The largest building is the Myan temple.  At the top of the steps is where special ceremonies were held.  The temple sits atop the cliffs that look eastward over the Caribbean Sea. The smaller buildings are houses.

Look at the shape of the building.  How are they similar and different from your home and the ancient Egyptian pyramids?

At the time that these buildings were constructed, there was no electricity or motors to help the Myans move the large rocks.  Describe how the Myans might have moved and lifted the heavy stones.
A view eastward from atop the cliff.
Myan homes
Miss S., Johanna, and Draggie climbed down this cliff to the Caribbean Sea! Draggie rode in Miss S's backpack.
The temple. The Caribbean Sea is behind the temple to the east.
Here's Miss S. and Dragonfly enjoying the Caribbean!
Look at the rocks and the clear water.  How is it different or similar to the beaches in New Jersey?
Can you imagine dancing on the top of this pole!
Look at Miss S. climbing down the cliff!